Daniel & Christy


Daniel and Christy are the brave couple who endured with many big obstacles before seeing each other at the altar. But sometimes that's what it takes to learn about love. Please watch their prewedding video series.

They had two receptions, Bali and Surabaya with one week apart. The Bali reception was intimate and personal.

It was a familiar face because we got to meet the similar guest lists like gaby and sumi. It was a nerve wrecking to produce the same day edit for them knowing it was a hit on Gaby and Sumi especially we must produce it in much shorter time this time and with no door games.

The first look was taken an hour before their first meeting at the altar.

For us, the highlight of the day was Father & daughter and bridal dance, how it started with father and daughter dance, bridal dance, then father and daughter dance again and close with three of them dance together.