Uncover is truly the fruit of our hardwork and thousand-hours of experiences in telling wedding stories. We at The Big Films are committed, no matter how difficult it is, that we must find a way to produce wedding stories that are personal to couples. Inspiring people with stories is always our aim in order to make impact to other people's lives.

The book “Uncover”, we believe is one of the tools that we created for this exact purpose. This is our first ever book published for public to buy in which we share our thoughts and voices, nothing less than for future brides to consider when planning their wedding especially in Bali.

Last Tuesday, the book had its first book launch at Kinokuniya, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia. We thought it's the perfect place to have the official book launch. The book store is known around the world for their quality book curation. Knowing that facts, we can only thank our awesome publisher PT Susan Photo Album to help us to connect with them.

The event itself was a successful gathering amongst our friends in the industry (Jakarta), and our big supporters - clients turned friends, and future brides. It's way more than what we expected it to be. The book was almost sold out at the end of the events. I could see the excitement of purchasing the book after listening to the author's explanation of every chapter of the book. Mostly they were motivated to buy the book so it could be signed by Wiki Lee himself, on the spot.

But many others admitted they bought the book because of the contents of the book are applicable in their line of works. Some even confessed that they bought the book so they could share with their clients or their friends about the knowledge.

Wiki stated clearly that the book wouldn't be a traditional step-by-step wedding guide. It's designed to give eye-openers for every couple especially for people who plan weddings in Bali. It gives direction of how to plan a wedding successfully with efficiency and committed to the budget till the end. The book also shared some instructions or expert insights of what to consider before visiting the site (which normally the first thing a couple do - site visit), how to choose the wedding planner, how to set the priorities and how to pick the dream venue. Many people know that they want to have their weddings in Bali, without knowing the reasons behind their wish. This book will reveal those reasons, and further confirming why Bali is the perfect place!

But the most special one is the last chapter “A Day to remember”. Wiki believes this chapter is about creating memories that is meaningful and endures the time. The thought-process on this chapter is the result of the mixture between his 15 years of marriage and his experiences of shooting hundred weddings. This chapter talks about how to design and plan your wedding day run-down/programs based on the memories that you want to have from your wedding. It's a revelation that I bet you'd never heard before, the theory behind how memory works. It's definitely worth finding out!

Lastly, it surely is a proud moment for us at The Big Films. We are not just a company who runs for profits, but we truly care for future brides, whom we believe can benefit from our extensive experiences of shooting many kind of weddings around the world.